About Barend

About Barend Houtsmuller

Art and technology go hand in hand for photographer Barend Houtsmuller (1953). Barend became fascinated by the camera obscura at a very young age. Just before graduating from TU Delft, he abruptly terminated his studies. In the United States and Venice he discovered the possibilities of photography as a pure art form. His teachers include Ansel Adams, Nathan Lions, Duane Michals, JeanLoup Sieff and Christian Vogt.

The engine of his artistic development is driven by curiosity and perfectionism. For a long time the female nude was his most important subject. In his never-ending search for innovation and intensification of his visual language, he does not shy away from experimenting.

For some time now, fascinated by the possibilities of Artificial Intelligence for creating images – the so-called Promptography – Barend brings incompatible worlds together into alienating beauty, often with a touch of humor.

Barend has exhibited in museums, galleries and art events. His work can be found in the collections of the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam, the International Polaroid Collection in Vienna, the Bibliothèque Nationale in Paris, and in various other collections, including many private individuals.

In 1980, together with his companions Bas Vroege and Luuk Huiskes, he formed Galerie & Magazine Perspektief, which later became the Nederlands Foto instituut (NFI), which was connected with the Netherlands Fotomuseum in Rotterdam.

More recently, Barend founded Photo31.nl, a Dutch platform of independent fine art photographers in The Netherlands.

Current work

Work of Barend Houtsmuller can be bought at:


Barend’s work is regularly published in photo magazines such as ZOOM, Foto and Professional Camera and Barend has published in three FeierAbend Verlag books:

  • The Body, The Finest Collection of Esthetic Nude Art Photography ISBN 9783899853087 (2006)
  • The Best of International Nudes Photography ISBN 9783939998822 (2011)
  • The Best of International Fetish Photography, ISBN 9783939998778 (2013)

And two monographs:

  • The Other Side of The Light “, Bert Bakker, NL publication (1984)
  • Interweaving-Raw beauty “BHP Publishing, ISBN 9789082232806 (2014)

Prices / Awards:

2016 Black & White Spider Portfolio award: Nude (USA).

2014 Black & White Spider Porfolio award: People (USA).

2012 PF 1st prize portfolio award (NL).

2012 Black & White Spider Portfolio award: Fashion (USA).

2003 2nd prize International Library of Photography, Owings Mills, (USA).

Business & Portrait photography

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