Infrared light (like warmth) penetrates into the skin of the model. This causes a subtle softness that is reminiscent of the alabaster and marble sculptures of Auguste Rodin in Paris. In the outside world, grass and leaves become snow-white by infrared rays. Wine looks like water and red peppers turn white. This particular shift of… Read More

Black & White

The intention of art is not to reproduce reality, but to show an abstract world. My world. With my photography I want to reduce the image to the essence of form, line and light. I achieve this by means of frame selection, the composition, but also, and to a large extent by the omission of… Read More

Full Color

Intense colors have their own dynamic and create emotions, contrast and visual intensity that support the essence of the objects. The excessive colors in this series were created by the first Polaroids that I created in the early 80s of the last century and all of which are acquired by The International Polaroid Collection in… Read More

Food & Flowers

These series were created based on my fascination with the haute cuisine appetizers and desserts of French gastronomy. I improvised further with small dishes placed on an upturned wine glass. The flowers reinforce the abstract forms in the series. Each photo is processed on museum quality on Dibond with Plexiglas with a limitation of 10… Read More

Wet Feet

Born during the 1953 North Sea flooding disaster – as an Aquarius – I have always been fascinated by the contiguity between water and people. The series of wet feet explores hat fascination. The photos are processed on Brushed Aluminum Dibond, which gives a extraordinary look, especially where the light is reflected through the aluminum…. Read More